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IT Health Check

Posted by Scream IT on

IT Health Check for Your Business

Modern Business is highly dependent on Technology on a daily basis and when that technology starts to get old the hardware lifespan and reliability starts to dwindle exponentially, other factors that contribute to technology becoming unreliable can be broken down in to such factors as below:-

  • Servers & Workstations are located in the wrong locations within the office, often servers are keep in a closets / cupboards or just sit in a server rack in a room were the heat & humidity builds up, the ideal temperature for server environments should be around 20-21 degrees celsius . Workstations are often put under a users desk where dust on the floor is sucked in to the workstation daily.
  • High work loads on under specced Servers or Workstations can cause faster ware and tare on the hard drives, process and memory, fan and therefore more heat is generated which results in a greater decline in lifespan of the machine.
  • No physical maintenance of the Servers or Workstations is done throughout the year so dust builds up within the machine.
  • No regular Windows Updates or Antivirus checks being done can cause instabilities and vunrabilities within the operating system that can lead to a server or workstation to perform poorly and put more strain on the hardware components (Hard Drives, FAN, CPU etc) . Regular checks of server and workstations at least once a month will give you vital information that will stop business outages from happening,  a common issues is the hard drive space is running out and your system becomes slow and you can't save files and even a more common problem of low disk space is that your in house mail system can't send or receive email (AKA BackPressure in Exchange).
  • Some hardware is just designed to have a lower lifespan than other products of a similar nature, the reason for this is because the manufacture used less expensive / Less quality components in their hardware were the capacitor being the most common component to fail in hardware. It can be tricky to find the right hardware to use in your business and the price of hardware is not always a good indicator of reliability and longevity, a good analogy would be the fashion industry were you are paying for the brand name more than anything else. A knowledgeable IT Provider like Scream IT has many years of using different IT products in real customers environments and understands how those products are manufactured and why one product is more suitable for a customer than another product regardless of the product being cheaper.
  • An average figure for Server Replacements is around the 3-4 year mark and as we know from experience many customers try to hold on for 5 or more years before being forced to replace server hardware and by doing so put their business at risk of more downtime as well as limiting their business to any future technologies that can gained through buying a new server with new available technologies i.e. (Connecting to the Cloud for such solutions as on premises to cloud backup)

Why do a Paid IT Health Check

By doing a paid IT Health Check you will gain insight in to your business as it currently stands and also be presented with solutions to improve and reduce costs in your business. A very common reason why we get asked to do paid IT Health Checks is so that we can check their current IT Provider or IT employees work to see if they have designed and maintained a solutions to IT industry standards as well as checking for no serious security holes that pose a legal risk to the business.

There are many companies out there offering Free IT Health Checks but with those types of checks minimal review of your IT Infrastructure is done and they are more concerned with selling you a new solution straight away or having you sign up to a monthly maintenance plan all without really understanding your business and therefore they don't offer true unbiased advice, at Scream IT we have not problem with telling the customer if their current IT Provider or IT Employee has done a good job.

Through a paid IT Health Check you are getting IT Consultation that normally costs far more than the cost of the IT Health Check, such consultation might be that your company should not jump on the Cloud Band wagon for the reason of no NBN or other fast internet Connections being available in your area or when high speed internet is available in your area what the costs might be to replace your in house server with a cloud based server. Making the customer aware of new and emerging technologies that will make their business more profitable and more productive is an essential service that all business need at least once a year and this is just part and parcel of the IT Health Check.

If your business is ready to do an IT Health Check then please see the link below for more details 

IT Health Check or Contact Us  for More in depth Discussion about your business needs.

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