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Hardware News

Mainframe sales double in latest IBM profit
Rusted onto big iron.
NSW Environment Office applies drone AI to buzz endangered plants
Remote surveys go FIFO.
Sydney Metro conducts first major driverless test
Trains entering service next year.
Lost a classified government safe? There’s an app for that…
ServiceNow deployed to track PM&C secure containers.
Molecular electronics to overcome Moore's Law shortfall?
Quantum alternative.
Origin plugs into IoT-powered 'Lighting-as-a-Service'
Yes, it's a very real thing.
ZTE clears hurdle to lifting US ban
Deposit needed to resume operations.
Service NSW turfs Windows OS for Chrome
Adopts Google devices, apps across the board.
Home Affairs 'face on the move' biometrics trial scores 94 percent
In Aussie airport first.
CSIRO removes HPC 'bottleneck' with storage upgrade
Boosts supercomputing performance.
Sydney Airport begins 'couch-to-gate' biometrics trial
For select Qantas passengers.
IBM inks $1bn whole of government deal
$300 million in existing deals covered.
Scientists develop smartphone screen fingerprint sensor
Holy grail of biometric authentication?
CEFC sinks $35m into smart meters
To improve customer control.
QUT neural network helps robots get a grip
To better handle unstructured environments.
WA Police to ask govt for body-worn cameras
Wants to buy up to 5000 devices.
Aussie clouds storm into top 500 compute clusters
As all Australian machines slip outside top 100.
Apple to fix some MacBook keyboards for free
Finally admits issues.
My Health Record replatforming talks begin
Ahead of early market approach.
Rio Tinto to build new 'intelligent' mines
Reveals its next IT-driven transformation.

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