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Hardware News

US DHS warns of data threat from Chinese-made drones
Companies put on notice.
Face ID firm Lumentum follows Google with Huawei ban
Clamping down on national security grounds.
Aussie red-light camera maker Redflex cops Texas ban
Not so fine time in Lone Star state.
Trump declares some auto imports pose national security threat
But delays tariff decision for as long as six months.
Google suspends some business with Huawei after Trump blacklist
Blow to the Chinese technology company.
HPE to buy supercomputer maker Cray for US$1.3bn
Bid to bolster footprint in government, academia.
Microsoft, Sony partner on streaming games, chips and AI
Microsoft's cloud for streaming games and media, combined work on new image sensors.
Iran builds firewall against Stuxnet computer virus
After accusing Israel of cyber attack on Tehran's telecommunications facilities.
Third fatal Tesla Autopilot crash renews questions about system
At least the third fatal US crash reported involving the driver-assistance system.
US to take 'fresh look' at opening automakers' key spectrum band
Could boost Wi-Fi use.
Bosch goes for platinum-light fuel cells
Gives precious metal markets scant benefit.
UNSW pioneers new way to test quantum computing accuracy
98 percent fidelity achieved.
Uber CEO expects further pressure as shares add to losses, down 12 percent
Ride-hailing giant's market debut poorly received.
Amazon rolls out machines that pack orders and replace jobs
Boxing up customer orders automated.
CBA exodus for 10,000 technology and operations staff begins
Ribbon cut for new digital designer digs in Redfern.
Designs for Square Kilometre Array’s supercomputer completed
Science Data Processor to be world's fastest.
China smashes counterfeiting ring that sold hard drives
More than 210,000 disks produced by a counterfeit ring.
WeWork's starry valuation dazzles landlords, reaffirms doubters
Flexible office space the envy of landlords.
US firm accuses Huawei of enlisting professor to obtain its tech
Claims solid state drive IP stolen.
Autonomous bot to safeguard Queensland's water
SAMMI launches into remote fieldwork.

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