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Hardware News

CSIRO's Data61 battles to replace 20-year-old servers
"Almost impossible to get funding for infrastructure hardware" outside research projects.
WA Police moves to refresh most "at risk" hardware
As failures become more common.
Victoria readies for first autonomous car to hit the road
Bosch lands $2.3m for driverless car trial.
Intel runs auction for new super-fast finance-centric CPU
5.0 GHz desktop chip will be in short supply, so Intel’s letting the market set the price.
Walgreens and Microsoft partner to develop digital healthcare services
Seven-year agreement.
NAB online banking, cards suffer more problems, blames data centre
Says $4.5bn cloud transformation will improve things, eventually.
UQ unveils 'ultra ultrasound' sensor precise enough to hear a cell breathe
For higher resolution medical imaging and spatial mapping.
Sydney's driverless Metro completes first full run on NW corridor
Services on track to begin in Q2 2019.
Welcome to Town Hall TV ... but will anyone actually watch mandated council webcasting?
Warts-and-all reality streaming: what could possibly go wrong?
IBM creates Q System One to sell quantum capacity
Engineers its first quantum system for commercial use.
Rio Tinto advances its autonomous ambitions
New trial allows smaller-scale use of the technology.
Apple issues revenue warning for first time since 2007
Blames slow iPhone sales.
Google wins US approval for radar-based hand motion sensor
Codenamed Project Soli.
Chinese bike-sharing startup Ofo considering bankruptcy: FT
"Immense" cash flow problems.
Spy chiefs fret over outsourcers IBM and HPE after Chinese commercial hacks
Coordinated pushback against Beijing, offshoring.
Thales gets green light from ACCC to buy Gemalto
Must sell general-purpose hardware security module business.
Arm Holdings unveils chip aimed at self-driving car sensors
Pushes into turf being contested by Intel Corp and others.
Airports without the queues could be a reality with new ANU sensor
Security minus the wait.
CBA backflips and will now offer Apple Pay
Relents to appease angry customers.
Qualcomm to file suits in Chinese courts to ban iPhone XS, XR sales
Wants courts in China to ban sales of Apple's latest iPhone models.

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