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Hardware News

Aussie online retailers sold refurbished phones, tablets as 'new'
Forced by ACCC to offer refunds.
Microsoft patents foldable smartphone designs
Former and current Nokia engineers listed as inventors.
Thousands of Chromebooks mysteriously go offline
Updated: Wi-fi settings lost on devices.
DTA unveils whole-of-gov hardware marketplace
One-stop shop to replace panels.
NSW looks to driverless vehicles for regional public transport
Industry-led trials planned for mid-2018.
How the ACT is eliminating hospital errors
New systems cross-reference patient with process.
How a single app cut the load on Catholic Healthcare's call centre
Using OAuth to do without login credentials.
Apple countersues Qualcomm in battery life stoush
Escalates patent war.
WA to trial autonomous taxis
From April 2018.
Inside China's first virtual reality theme park
From virtual rollercoasters to alien tours.
Could robots help Amazon beat AusPost's slow delivery problem?
Tech isn't quite ready, but important first step has been taken.
Info 'may be accessed' on ACT student Chromebooks
Clause in agreement causes concern.
Apple delays launch of HomePod smart speaker
To early 2018.
Shell's QGC expands drone use in Surat Basin
Granted wider area to operate.
IBM puts 20 qubit quantum computer in the cloud
50 qubit machine coming next.
Qualcomm rejects Broadcom's $134bn takeover bid
Offer 'too low'.
Waymo makes history with driverless taxis
Takes human out of vehicle for the first time.
Rivals AMD, Intel partner to take on Nvidia
Targeting gamers.
Inside Shell's 'spare parts' data science project
Millions saved on inventory management.
Samsung's appeal of patent loss to Apple rejected
Jury award of US$120 million stands.

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