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Networking News

AWS could start selling network switches
Hybrid cloud play.
DTA calls out contractors and consultants as barriers to change
Cultural and systemic issues.
BoQ comes round to Square
Tradie tech to go.
Lion to sense supply chain shifts in real time
Owner of brands from XXXX to Yoplait transforms.
Digital signatures for property deals inked by NSW Cabinet
Calf skin requirements abolished.
ASD returns fire over Microsoft removal claims
IRAP irate.
AMP reveals hidden 'goldfish' cloud
Pets vs cows infrastructure analogy superseded.
Downer Group gives Cisco a lift onto smart infrastructure projects
IoT smarts baked in.
Chief Scientist's 'Turing stamp' for AI blasted
Regulatory stoush looms.
Researchers build ultra-long distance fibre links
But engineering challenges stand in the way of real-world use.
Israel charges former employee of NSO Group with cyber crimes
State security concerns.
Apple rebuilds mapping app, but will still tap TomTom
Will use own dataset.
Internet is losing its memory: Cerf
History is not a 404.
Wi-fi certification program dials down security requirements
KRACK security researcher disappointed.
Bitcoin slow, expensive, doesn’t scale: RBA
Pushes new payments platform.
NT moves to replace govt data centre
Ahead of Chan demolition.
Rio Tinto to build new 'intelligent' mines
Reveals its next IT-driven transformation.
Huawei rebuts Australian 5G security concerns
Amid Sino-Canberra tensions.
Reserve Bank cautions on two-speed tech economy
Widening gap between winners and losers stunts wage growth.
Adelaide councils team up for smart city project
'Needs-based maintenance' for public spaces.

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