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Oz Tech News

How the NSW government disrupted insurance through the cloud with icare
Now a year in operation, icare shook the bureaucracy of government service delivery, and the monopoly of private insurers, with the mandate of being customer-centric and cloud only.
NextDC reports large jump in half-year revenue and pre-tax profits
A AU$4 million income tax charge combined with AU$11 million income tax benefit last year saw post-tax profit halved.
Nokia working on drones framework for Australia
Nokia has revealed to ZDNet that it is holding discussions with a university in Sydney to help formulate use cases for drones in agriculture and public safety, and develop a drone framework for Australia.
MWC 2018: Intel and Huawei showcase 5G interoperability
Intel and Huawei will demonstrate the world's first 5G NR over-the-air interoperability trial using the latest 3GPP standards during MWC in Barcelona next week.
MWC 2018: Intel working on 5G PCs and phones
Intel has announced that it is working with Spreadtrum on producing a 5G phone and with Lenovo, Dell, HP, and Microsoft on producing 2-in-1 5G PCs to be ready by the second half of 2019.
Australia's Notifiable Data Breaches scheme is now in effect
Within the first 100 days of the Netherlands scheme, the Dutch Data Protection Authority received 1,000 data breach notifications. Will Australia see the same impact?
Qantas adding in-flight Wi-Fi to one aircraft per week
More than 30 percent of Qantas' domestic fleet has been fitted out with on-board Wi-Fi connectivity at a rate of around one aircraft per week, the airline has revealed.
Huawei uses Mate 10 Pro AI to control driverless car
The RoadReader project has seen Huawei use the automatic object recognition capabilities in its Mate 10 Pro handset to recognise, learn, and avoid objects while driving an autonomous vehicle.
ASIC to conduct natural language processing trials
Australia's corporate watchdog wants to know if artificial intelligence is the right fit for automating its manual tasks.
Linfox transports itself to Telstra IoT platform
Following its acquisition of MTData, Telstra has signed Linfox on as an IoT customer, providing solutions aimed at improving driver and road safety and information.
Australian government still pushing decryption magic bullet
Seven months after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told ZDNet the laws of Australia will trump the laws of mathematics, Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton has discussed looming legislation that would force companies to help the government access communications.
TPP 11 pushes criminal and civil penalties for piracy
Fair use and safe harbour regimes have been recommended under the Intellectual Property chapter of TPP 11, with the Pacific trade agreement also outlining civil and criminal penalties for piracy.
Dutton says facial recognition in lieu of passports 'very close' to reality
The country's newly crowned Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton has said facial recognition at airports in Australia is merely a few 'technology generations' away from being rolled out.
AT&T 5G coming to Dallas, Atlanta, Waco in 2018
Dallas, Atlanta, and Waco will be the first cities to receive 5G services in 2018 under AT&T, with the carrier also launching a new test lab in Austin to trial its proprietary 5G technology.
South Australia's GigCity plan is not what it seems
Labor's high-speed broadband proposal is no NBN. Retail service providers will still have to handle the difficult, expensive bit.
Google updates Pay app for Android, promises feature on all Google products
Google has begun swapping out Google Wallet and Android Pay with Google Pay.
Department of Industry bins virtual assistant at pilot stage
​After building a business case and working alongside the ATO to develop the platform, the department decided not to go live with its virtual assistant pilot.
NetComm Wireless posts record revenue and earnings for first half
Company revenue for the first half of 2018 fiscal year was up by 89 percent, while EBITDA has increased thirteen-fold.
Commonwealth Bank customers get access to Samsung Pay
​Adding Samsung Pay, the bank now boasts Android Pay and payments via Garmin smartwatches, but there's still no sign of Apple Pay.
Spark NZ to launch IoT network next month
Spark NZ will be launching its low-power IoT network in mid March, along with a new digital media platform in April.

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