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Oz Tech News

Citizen Lab: WeChat’s real-time censorship system uses hash indexes to filter content
The filtering systems also censor content that are not critical of the Chinese government.
Clean Energy Regulator, WA Mines Department, and Vet Surgeons Board trying to access metadata: Comms Alliance
The Communications Alliance has listed 27 other agencies that have tried to access metadata following the introduction of Australia's data retention regime.
New Zealand ComCom lays charges against Vocus subsidaries
Telecommunications providers face charges for billing customers after contracts were terminated.
NBN HFC field test hits 994Mbps download speeds
DOCSIS 3.1 test on suburban line in Victoria approaching 1Gbps mark.
Home Affairs floats making telcos retain MAC addresses and port numbers
Soon it might just be easier for Australia's telcos to keep a copy of every TCP or UDP header for the cops to poke through.
Singapore's Minister for Culture calls on companies to lead the way with diversity
The government has made the policy changes, now it's time for companies to do something positive with that flexibility.
Optus gained exemption to store metadata unencrypted
Use of legacy applications allow Optus to seek an exemption from the rules.
Singtel will give free mobile data to people that walk
Customers will receive 3GB of mobile for walking 10,000 steps daily for a month.
Alan Turing is the face of new polymer £50 note
New note is expected to enter circulation by the end of 2021.
Services Australia has six weeks to work out what exactly it's meant to do
Canberra appoints Australian media and technology executive cum public servant the task of setting the strategic plan for Services Australia.
Microsoft Australia scores whole-of-government 365 deal
The volume sourcing agreement with Redmond is expected to see less than 2% of the federal government keep on-premise desktop licenses.
Vodafone Australia admits to misleading customers
ACCC completes treble of hits on big three telcos as Vodafone admits to likely breach of ASIC Act.
Department of Home Affairs extends cyber consulting contract with Archtis
The cybersecurity firm will continue to provide its professional consulting and IT strategic advisory services to the department for another 12 months.
Why the Asia-Pacific region is high on Dell Technologies' radar
Advancements in innovations such as 5G, robotics and automation, and autonomous vehicles has made the region one to watch for global companies, Dell Technologies' president of Asia Pacific & Japan, Global Digital Cities has said.
Data Republic facilitates 'diplomatic' data sharing on AWS
Australia's Data Republic has created a place for data insights to be shared without the need to move data.
Border Force resolves IT security outage at passport gates
The outage had left passengers waiting in long queues.
Dell Technologies crowns the Bay Area as the best city for women entrepreneurs
San Francisco has taken pole position in Dell Technologies' Women Entrepreneur Cities Index, but there's still a long way to go for the Bay Area.
Volkswagen and Ford join forces in $7b Argo AI alliance deal
The two motoring giants will each separately invest in Argo AI to deliver autonomous vehicles in the US and Europe.
Visa's vision for the future of payments is password-free
A combination of technologies and collaboration from everyone involved to enable a password-free payments experience.
Researcher says Zoom web server is vulnerable to remote code execution
If the Zoom web server is still lurking on your Mac, best delete it now.

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