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privacy policy

The Scream IT Website is run on highly secure servers and all data collected by us about our customers is protected at all times.Our website uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate that encrypts the data on the store especially when logging in to customer account and making payments, we also use Paypal as another form of protection were customers orders can be paid for via Paypal so that we never see, use or store your credit details on our website backend or 3rd Party Payment gateways.

Another advantage of using Paypal as the payment method is that Paypal gives a up to $20,000 AUD Buyer protection per item so that in the event of a dispute Paypal becomes the mediator to resolve the issue with the product or service and the customer can get a full refund if Paypal decide in their favour, we of course will always work with our customers to avoid Paypal getting involved but it is there as peace of mind on any purchase done using Paypal as the payment method on the Scream IT website. See Paypal Buyer Protection link below for more detail


PayPal Buyers Protection






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