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Security News

Celebrating change: the iTnews Benchmarks for 2019 now open
Join iTnews as we showcase organisations putting new tools to work changing - maybe even transforming - their operations. Entries are open now.
Special Report: How ZTE helped Venezuela create China-style social control
Fatherland card.
Microsoft closes actively exploited Windows zero-day
Remote code execution bugs in Edge taken care of too.
Australia's online card fraud problem is the polar opposite of America's. Here's why...
Millions of US chip cards compromised over past year.
Route leak sends Google Cloud traffic to Russia
"Hijack" caused by Nigerian ISP.
France to 'embed' regulators at Facebook to combat hate speech
Zuckerman opens doors after Macron meeting.
Russian cybersecurity firm Group IB to open global HQ in Singapore: CEO
Kaspersky competitor expands.
Pentagon starts outing APT zero-days on VirusTotal
Fancy Bear-ware made public.
SWIFT to disconnect messaging for some Iranian banks this weekend
Describes move as regrettable.
Tasmania halts sole remote control train
ATSB says systems wouldn't respond, led to runaway and crash
Australia looks on as cyber-stability org bars product tampering
Like the stuff envisioned in the Assistance and Access Bill.
Microsoft server outage deactivates Windows licenses
Win10 Pro users told they have to go Home.
Xi wants bigger role for China shaping internet
Trade war hardens battle lines for control of web.
Weak self-scrambling SSDs opens up Windows BitLocker
Adding software encryption recommended to boost BitLocker security.
Pakistan denies mass bank data breach, reports card-skimming
Credit and debit cards hit.
Facebook referred to EU watchdog over targeting, fake ads
London complains to Brussels.
CBA swoops on PEXA after ASX float scuttled
Estimated value $1.6 billion.
Under Armour says 4 million Aussie accounts in data breach
Out of 150 million impacted.
Vietnam releases cybersecurity draft decree
Global tech companies issue warning on impact to innovation.
Vendors get short shrift in political cyber spat
Cloud Wars: Episode IV

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