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Security News

NSW Police smash fake telco technician scam syndicate
Claimed to need remote access to fix internet flaw.
Anti-encryption laws 'imperil' cross-border data access deal with US
Govt shoots itself in the foot with crypto-busting laws?
Hackers steal millions of Bulgarians' financial data
More than 110 databases compromised.
Home Affairs could tap telcos for MAC and IP addresses, port numbers
As more organisations use data retention laws.
Kleos GeoInt surveillance satellites ready for NZ launch
Scouting Mission to unveil hidden maritime activity.
Facebook's Libra must be 'rock solid' before launch warns BoE's Carney
"This is not learning on the job stuff": Governor.
Monash Uni deploys MFA after Iran attacks targeting universities
Enrols 130,000 users in multi-factor authentication.
Commonwealth racks up $99m corporate card fraud bill
Mystery agency had 340,000 incidents.
ATO crackdown on myGov rorts
Swoop on online claim fraud by tax agents.
Australian IT salaries spike
Time to hit the boss...
NSW looks to facial recognition as Opal card alternative
Proposes “frictionless transport payments”.
US to approve sales it deems safe to blacklisted Huawei
Will issue companies wanting to sell with licences.
UK watchdog proposes to fine Marriott US$124m for data breach
Over Starwood reservation incident.
Mozilla blocks UAE bid to become an internet security guardian after hacking reports
Citing reports on cyber espionage programme.
ASIO asks devs to ‘pitch’ their K8s and docker skills via video
Calls for show reels in fresh tech recruitment hunt.
Cisco to buy optical gear maker Acacia for US$2.8bn to build 5G muscle
Seeks bigger chunk of telco spend. flaw forces users onto video and audio calls
Uninstalled Zoom clients can be re-installed by webpages.
ASD names its top secret history maker
But official chronicle won't canvas last 20 years.
Facebook not invited to White House social media summit - company
As Trump rails on Twitter.
British Airways faces record $329m fine over data breach
Punished under GDPR.

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