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Security News

Crypto bill adds 'pub test' for warrants, drops revenue justification
New safeguard inserted to prevent 'systemic weaknesses'.
Decryption laws enter parliament
Less than two weeks after public consultation closes.
The security controls behind My Health Record
ADHA details defence in depth approach.
VMware fixes bug it fixed then 'inadvertently' un-fixed
Version control? They've heard of it!
Trio behind Mirai botnet avoid jail time
Hackers strike cooperation deal with the feds.
Westpac ports mobile transactions to Siri, sticks to legacy BSB batch platform
Faces and fingerprints flick passwords.
Database destroying worm menaces Linux and Windows servers
Botnet, ransomware and coin mining rolled into one malware.
"Peekaboo" flaw opens up scores of network CCTV recorders
Users advised to limit access and secure devices.
Thousands affected in Perth Mint data breach revision
Bullion traders targeted.
Home Affairs dominates in govt cyber war games
Outplays public, private rivals.
Remote code exec found in Alpine Linux
Update and rebuild or risk pwnage.
Google 'internal experiment' changed settings on smartphones
Owners wondered why power settings turned on and then turned off again.
British Airways hack upgrades cyber risk pipeline
Supply chain risk spend to increase.
NSW govt's first cyber strategy weeks away
Will unveil extensive work program.
DTA embeds proof-of-life test in Govpass to thwart ID fraud
Australia gets a national selfie check.
Mozilla co-founder files GDPR adtech complaint against Google
Digital advertising test case.
Microsoft patches plenty, including nasty Elevation of Privilege problem
Advises of un-patched "FragmentSmack" problem in Windows, too.
Veeam left 200GB sales database wide open
Misconfigured MongoDB.
Govt's decryption bill can only lead to 'systemic weaknesses'
As more governments try to copy Australia, say cryptographic experts.
Apple boots apps that snaffled browser histories
Trend Micro culls collection features from its code.

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