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Security News

ATO calls for secure internet gateway replacement
Wants flexible successor to support agency's future state.
Free Android VPN apps malware-ridden privacy threats
150 free apps tested.
Facebook's WhatsApp limits users to five text forwards to curb rumors
To fight "misinformation and rumors".
Canada should ban Huawei from 5G networks, says former spy chief
Security risk cited as too great.
Auditor lashes junked national biometrics project after significant failures
"Deficient in almost every significant respect".
When Bankwest's female tech staff are told "girls don't hack", this is what they do...
Opinion: Attitudes towards women in IT security need to change for the better, argues Bankwest head of Everyday Banking, Lou Tovey.
Australia to harden GPS infrastructure cyber defences
Wants to address risks with $161m augmentation project.
You want cash with that? ANZ plugs Apple Pay into eftpos
Other Australian banks set to follow.
Mastercard online billing crackdown hits 'free trial' and recurring payment tricks
Mandates "clear instructions on how to cancel".
Germany considering ways to exclude Huawei from 5G auction
Stricter security requirements.
US .gov sites dropping like flies as certs expire
Scuppered by government shutdown.
US lawmakers introduce bipartisan bills targeting Huawei and ZTE
Would ban the sale of US chips or other components to companies that violate US sanctions.
Marriott looks to reboot loyalty plan after cyber attack
New brand name after millions of customer records stolen.
AusTender becomes latest bait for phishers
Fake registration requests pushed to government suppliers.
National real-time intelligence system quietly gets another $59m
Govt approves full funding for tranche one.
China says countries should end "fabrications" about Huawei
Criticises push to "suppress and restrict" Chinese tech.
Free government decryption keys save ransomware victims millions
But most don't benefit from such good fortune.
Hardware keys needed to beat phishing: researcher
Free Modlishka 2FA stealing tool published.
Poland could ban Huawei products after employee arrest
Official arrested over spying allegations.
Fisheries Qld blames bad update for password 'fault'
Allowed fisherman to get into any account.

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