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Storage News

User data firm exposes 48m records in S3 bucket
Targeted ads.
Europe tries to force cloud providers to give up offshore data
Within six hours in "urgent" cases.
ANZ Bank predicts first look at open banking laws around June
Open questions with government remain.
NSW mulls digital asset inheritance laws
What happens to your social media accounts when you die?
ATO disputes need to rework AWS cloud deal
Despite contractual, operational risks.
ACT govt still running unsupported operating systems
But is making progress with upgrades.
ATO told to rework Amazon cloud contract
Lack of service commitments deemed risky.
Finance hunts for new govCMS provider
But agencies can choose to stick with existing PaaS.
Banks told how much of their data can be opened
Transformed data allowed to stay in-house.
NSW State Archives turned off by Microsoft cognitive terms
Forces tech change.
Qld transport minister rejects calls for real-time fuel app
'Unnecessary red tape'.
ASIC takes aim at anonymisation
Hindering investigations.
Data centre storage performance hurt by Meltdown-Spectre patches
More work to do, Intel says.
DXC yet to finish forensics on ATO's faulty SAN
Agency took longer than expected to extricate components.
Western Digital shuts remotely exploitable NAS backdoor
Issues firmware upgrade.
Atlassian lifts lid on 500TB data lake
Unpicks architecture and revamps its pieces.
NAB turns on compression for data storage
Expects to save $40k a year.
Microsoft's VMware Azure stack 'neither certified nor supported'
VMware says no partners worked on Microsoft solution.
BoM eyes hybrid cloud shift
Under ongoing IT reform program.
Bug freezes hundreds of millions of Ethereum
Faulty fix had vulnerability.

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