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Storage News

Govt wants to punish data misuse with $10m-plus fines
Won’t introduce draft legislation until after election.
China's Mobike to pull out of some Asian countries, evaluate other markets
Wide-scale contraction in the market follows bankruptcy of top competitor Ofo.
AGL warns consumer data right being 'rushed'
Bad mechanics could see it all fall apart.
Man receives under-skin chip implant at mobile show
Live on stage in Barcelona...
Boring disk drives on the way to being twice as interesting
Imagine a needle on each side of a record, with a different track playing from each side.
IBM to conduct 'quantum IoT' research in Melbourne
Use case builds on intent to find new ways to crunch big data.
Benchmark Awards 2019 Finalist: Airservices' cloud migration makes rapid landing
Prompted by eviction.
USB stick survives being eaten by seal, pooped out and frozen for a year
If it's your USB stick and you want it back, send more poop, say crack seal scientists.
VMware cloud storage scales with mysterious new AWS instance type
It’s like network storage all over again, with added cloud.
Dept Industry and Innovation distils datasets to quantify policy impact
Through data project.
CBA's CommInsure separation raises medical data access concerns
Review launched to determine if breach has occurred.
ATO may get direct telco metadata and bank data access
And ‘internet scraping’ tools.
Woolworths boosts $100m WooliesX investment
Feels competitive pressure to continue to spend.
ANZ wants to use real customer data to test new software
Stretches horizons of its Data Republic investment.
Dell taps banks to raise more cash for tracking stock offer - sources
Working with investment banks.
Airservices' cloud migration makes rapid landing
Prompted by eviction.
Westpac lobs $800m at new technology savings
Cost extraction in overdrive as software hits $2.1bn.
Federal Police rush to improve dataset searchability
Wants to make 17 petabytes of data accessible.
Microsoft overtakes Amazon as second most valuable U.S. company
Disappointing Amazon quarter wipes US$65 billion off market cap.
Github website down due to data storage issue
Problems hit users worldwide.

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