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Storage News

Atlassian lifts lid on 500TB data lake
Unpicks architecture and revamps its pieces.
NAB turns on compression for data storage
Expects to save $40k a year.
Microsoft's VMware Azure stack 'neither certified nor supported'
VMware says no partners worked on Microsoft solution.
BoM eyes hybrid cloud shift
Under ongoing IT reform program.
Bug freezes hundreds of millions of Ethereum
Faulty fix had vulnerability.
AWS bolsters S3 security following massive info leaks
Adds five new features.
Google and Cisco team up for hybrid cloud
Open standards solution.
ATO asked to reveal 1.5-year log of IT outages
Fallout from SAN failures continues.
Flash storage costs creep up on 10K disk
Price parity on raw $/GB within a year?
Microsoft goes Cray with supercomputing as a service
Workflows in Azure.
Cyber security concerns won't revive tape storage
One month renaissance already cut short.
Johnson & Johnson goes 'tapeless' to get to SDDC
Final bits of tape storage to be shut down.
ATO tackles outages with four-year IT overhaul
Major renewal project kicks off.
AWS to switch to per-second billing for Linux instances
Promises price reductions.
Microsoft trials in-use data encryption for Azure cloud
TEEs up confidential computing offering.
OpenStack takes first steps to let its parts stand alone
Brings 'composability' to Ironic and Cinder.
Microsoft releases Archive Blob Storage
Lowest-cost archival storage service yet.
Fujitsu declares Sydney SAN crash a 'major incident'
Continues recovery efforts.
HPE, NASA to send supercomputers into space
Will off-the-shelf hardware survive deep space?
Dropbox seeks to hire IPO underwriters
Would be biggest US tech company to go public since Snap.

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