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Storage News

Nine, eBay Australia try to onboard more identity data
Building composite pictures of customers and their intent.
Facebook to build first Asian data centre in Singapore
Invests more than $1 billion.
Garvan Institute revamps HPC cluster
Preferencing FPGAs over GPUs.
ACT Health to build 'single source of truth' data repository
Will consolidate 250 different systems.
NetApp cloud services to hit Australia from September
Local cloud NAS coming to Azure, Google cloud and AWS
Dropbox scares users by shrinking syncing options
Dirty over loss of encryption option and shrinking filesystem options.
Melbourne Uni turns to IoT to understand campus use
Brings data governance questions to the fore.
Windows Server 2019 to integrate with Azure NAS
Unveils two cloud NAS alternatives in a fortnight.
Sydney man allegedly stole $600k of AWS Snowball drives
Joint NSW-FBI investigation.
Lost a classified government safe? There’s an app for that…
ServiceNow deployed to track PM&C secure containers.
Molecular electronics to overcome Moore's Law shortfall?
Quantum alternative.
Digital signatures for property deals inked by NSW Cabinet
Calf skin requirements abolished.
CSIRO removes HPC 'bottleneck' with storage upgrade
Boosts supercomputing performance.
Proposed future data sharing laws revealed
Flags 'Accredited Data Authorities'.
Australia Post's tech transformer Andrew Walduck resigns
Product and innovation chief self-disrupts.
Health to build national data exchange for prescription tracking
For real-time monitoring system.
Australia's stats chief on being a public data steward
Opinion: The case for more big data projects.
UNSW loses data after IBM storage failure
Big Blue blamed.
Microsoft trials Scottish subsea data centre
Edge computing off the coast.
Blue Note audio attack corrupts hard drives
Audible and inaudible sounds wreck data.

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