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Storage News

Tencent profit tops forecast as fintech and cloud revenues surge
Makes up for declines in games.
Alibaba beats revenue expectations on cloud boost
Thanks to growth in its core business and its diversification.
China smashes counterfeiting ring that sold hard drives
More than 210,000 disks produced by a counterfeit ring.
Axe swings after $179m Grays Online buy blows up
CEO out as online liquidator becomes its own firesale.
US firm accuses Huawei of enlisting professor to obtain its tech
Claims solid state drive IP stolen.
ATO extends DXC deal for $530m
Contract now tops $2bn.
CenITex goes all-in with VMware cloud
For core IT infrastructure overhaul.
Amazon workers strike at four German warehouses
Long-running campaign for better pay and conditions.
WikiLeaks says Julian Assange is being spied on in Ecuadorean embassy
Subject of a sophisticated operation since 2012, group says.
How Woolworths uses Google to power its massive analytics uplift
Set to localise shipments and personalise customer experiences within months.
Sims Metals moves to scrap the cloud
Targets AWS, Microsoft, Google and banks.
Australia's 'world-first' social media laws could require action within an hour
Attorney-General defines what he sees as reasonable.
Cuscal encourages single consent, identity mechanism for data right
Not consumers' job to battle with complexity.
Govt expands socmed crackdown laws, including jail time, to internet, content and hosting providers
Broad-brush laws rammed through Australian Senate.
Budget 2019 IT measures in brief: the list so far
Budget 2019: An overview take on where tech money is flowing this year...
Budget books $10m for National Library to put history online
Budget 2019: Menzies and Monash rattle philanthropic can.
AWS drops cloud storage price to $2/terabyte/month
For those who are sick of tape, and in no rush to see data
Govt puts its outsourced data handlers on notice
Will introduce new hosting certification.
Data leaders tapped by govt for advice
National Data Advisory Council established.
Govt wants to punish data misuse with $10m-plus fines
Won’t introduce draft legislation until after election.

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