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Telco / ISP News

NBN Co leaves fresh batch of FTTC converts until last
Analysis: Where the 440,000 flipped HFC premises are.
TPG to 'aggressively' chase new mobile customers
Will go even harder once its own 4G network is ready.
Vic govt fixes mobile blackspots on regional trains
In partnership with the major telcos.
Govt revives mothballed review of telco industry
Is the answer new rules or telco-specific shaming?
NBN complaints keep going up
But fewer involve NBN Co directly.
Qld govt frets over NBN-powered roadside phones
Wants migration path for critical services sorted.
NBN Co has 'under 500' congested fixed wireless cells
Suspends exploration of higher speed services.
NBN Co reveals range for evening congestion among RSPs
New indication of quality gap.
NBN Co raised scrapping HFC with govt two years ago
But discussions never went beyond informal stage.
Vodafone predicts mobile substitution pain for NBN Co
Up to 40 percent of fixed line users could switch.
TPG could displace Optus, Vodafone within five years
Bevan Slattery's annual industry prediction.
NBN Co to run 5G tests in Melbourne
Future fixed wireless enhancement?
NBN Co will flip 440,000 mostly-HFC premises to FTTC
As it begins to lift HFC sales freeze.
Optus to close its ad-supported mobile service
Xtra gets the chop.
Telstra CEO calls NBN prices 'unsustainable'
Demands action.
NBN Co is building an "insight lab"
Six month-old central owner of AI/ML.
Aussie Broadband's about-turn on unlimited plans
Due to NBN Co’s new permanent prices.
ACCC queries inaction over future NBN split and sale
Worries govt may want to sell NBN Co whole to maximise price.
NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow to leave
As company "prepares to confront ... new challenges".
Aussie Broadband pips Internode on 100Mbps NBN tier
Takes four days.

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