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Telco / ISP News

NBN Co gives first sign its FTTC targets are achievable
As new numbers also show Vodafone’s early NBN success.
Route leak sends Google Cloud traffic to Russia
"Hijack" caused by Nigerian ISP.
Telstra brings 170 teams into DevOps
The challenge is sustaining the gains.
NBN Co proposes to unmeter some Sky Muster traffic
While allowing services to burst above 25Mbps.
Apple finds quality problems in some iPhone X and MacBook models
Free fixes offered.
Telstra CFO hangs up, plugs in as new Tesla chair
Replaces Elon Musk.
Samsung gives first glimpse of foldable phone
Will need developers to tweak apps.
Vodafone's infrastructure boost to combat 'not great' iPhone launches
Site stays up despite telco jumping the gun on sales.
Apple losing its grip on India
Problems go beyond price.
US Supreme Court ends fight over Obama-era net neutrality rules
Request by Trump administration refused.
NBN users may cop speed hit from sub-wholesalers
What a direct link to NBN Co could be worth.
Eftpos and ATMs go dark after Telstra fault
Crash causes cashless commerce problems.
Vietnam releases cybersecurity draft decree
Global tech companies issue warning on impact to innovation.
NBN Co to cull 200 network ops roles
Exclusive: Partially offset with 100 new positions.
NBN Co staff reap $42.7m in bonus payments
But cost increases and delays crimp payouts.
NBN Co will have to face any 5G substitution threat itself
Regulator wants to stay out of it.
Australia’s cyber spy chief slams corporates contemplating "hacking back"
Expands on reasons for Huawei 5G ban.
Fleet Space Tech to launch two commercial CubeSats
From Rocket Lab's Complex-1 in New Zealand.
NBN Co open for enterprise business
Starts taking orders.
Sweeter Banana Co-op slips up on Sky Muster
Easier to drive into town with a USB stick and upload data there.

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