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Telco / ISP News

Home Affairs could tap telcos for MAC and IP addresses, port numbers
As more organisations use data retention laws.
Macquarie Group's telco Nu Mobile reveals its plans
Used iPhones and Galaxy devices, sizable data and call quotas.
NBN Co shifts IT ops onto ServiceNow
BMC Remedy out for ITSM use.
Optus fears storage cost blowout to retain 5G metadata
Calls for 5G M2M and IoT services to be exempt.
Huawei should not be kept "entirely" out of UK 5G networks
Given glimmer of hope to play at the edge.
Vodafone must also refund users stung by third-party billing
Goes back through complaints made since 2015.
Launceston expands free wi-fi network
Rolling out 50 new access points.
Retailers demand Telstra pay for massive payments outage
Costs could reach $100 million.
National Telstra outage cripples payments across banks, retailers, ATMs
COIN network croaks, retailers and payments down.
Govt now says 'premature' to cut Telstra from future NBN sale
Leaves door open for telco’s InfraCo unit.
NBN Co to fix aerial cable run between two trees in Sydney
“Inherited in that condition” from Telstra.
Infratil cleared for Vodafone New Zealand buy
Merger won't lessen competition, Kiwi watchdog declares.
NBN Co's most complained-about access tech is FTTC
Several thousand complaints a quarter.
Dodo stung for streaming promises on low-quota NBN plans
Forced to refund up to $360K in excess usage charges.
Cambodia's Smart Axiata tests 5G network with Huawei
Hopes for commercial launch by end of year.
Huawei outlines investment plans in Poland depending on 5G role
Despite Polish arrest of Huawei employee.
MacTel presses NBN Co to boost reach of 100Mbps+ business services
To fuel its own NBN-powered growth.
Govt maintains NBN Co's $19.5bn loan "will be" refinanced
Puts a date on it - but redacts it from view.
Telco unions, Telstra brawl over redundancy benefits
Shifting workers to InfraCo is causing friction.
Aussie telco metadata requests again on the rise
First 2017-18 numbers revealed by three agencies.

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